10 Mar 12 at 4 pm

this is the body i want! 

this is the body i want! 

Step 1: Put on something that makes you feel good. Maybe it’s your favorite pair of sweatpants or maybe it’s that dress that makes you look skinny. Something that makes you look and feel good. Got it? 

Step 2: Put on your favorite song, singer, band, album. 

Step 3: Dance. Dance like a little kid, or like your at a rage, or like you don’t give two fucks. Just dance. Let it all go. Keep dancing until you feel happy again or at least satisfied for the moment :)

Step 4: Document it. Record it, take pictures of yourself, anything. Just document those happy memories. You don’t have to post them anywhere. They’re just for you. To look back on when you feel horrible and to see your beautiful smiling face. It’s guaranteed to make you feel better. 

Just did this. Pictures to follow. Hahaahahahaha. I also have a video of me dancing, I may put that up. Embarrassing….

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you step on the scale, and the number is lower than you expected :D

been binging like basically all week, horrible I know, but I expected to be 156 or higher. I stepped on and I was 153.0